Set up a GoCardless integration

This article explains how to connect FreeAgent to GoCardless so you can take online payments from your customers.

Connecting FreeAgent to GoCardless allows you to set up Direct Debit mandates with your customers and take one-off or recurring payments from them automatically using the mandate. You can enable the auto-reconciliation feature to automatically reconcile the invoice payment and GoCardless charges in your FreeAgent account.

Please note:

  • The GoCardless integration will only be available if you have a sole trader or limited company FreeAgent account type.

  • The integration won’t be available if you have a partnership or non-UK FreeAgent account type.

  • You can only use the GoCardless integration in FreeAgent to collect payment for invoices in £ sterling, up to a maximum of £5,000 per month. If you need to increase this limit, please contact GoCardless.

How to connect FreeAgent with GoCardless

Navigate to the drop-down menu at the top-right of the screen and select ‘Connections & Add-ons’.

Connections and add-ons highlighted within drop-down menu

Select 'Get started' in the 'GoCardless' section.

Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 10.55.51 copy.png

Select ‘Connect with GoCardless’.


If you've never used GoCardless before, you can create a new account before signing in. If you already have a GoCardless account, sign in to connect your GoCardless account to FreeAgent.


Once you’re signed in, confirm the connection between FreeAgent and GoCardless to enable the integration.


Automatically reconcile GoCardless payments

You can select invoices created in FreeAgent to be automatically marked as paid when GoCardless pays the money into your bank account. This will also automatically reconcile the fees that GoCardless issues to you each time you use the service.

If there are payments that come into your GoCardless account for invoices you’ve sent outside of FreeAgent, these transactions will also be automatically created in the GoCardless bank account but will remain unexplained for you to categorise.

To enable the auto-reconciliation of FreeAgent invoices, select the GBP bank account that the funds will be paid into from the drop-down menu.


Find out how the GoCardless integration works.

How to disconnect GoCardless from GoCardless

Navigate to the drop-down menu at the top-right of the screen and select ‘Connections & Add-ons’.


Select 'Manage' in the 'GoCardless' section.

Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 10.57.27 copy.png

Select ‘Disconnect GoCardless’.


Select ‘Yes, disconnect GoCardless’ to complete the process.


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