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Timesheet reporting

In this guide, we’ll show you how to produce a printable timesheet report once you’ve recorded some time in FreeAgent.

1 Create your report

From the Work menu, choose Time Tracking, then select ‘Create Report’

Create Report

2 Filter the report information

Choose the content you want to include in your report using the following filters:


Choose which weeks or months you want to report on, or choose ‘Custom’ from the drop-down list and pick your own dates.

Timeframe filter

Report type

Choose whether to report on billable time, unbillable time, billed time, unbilled time or all your time.


Choose whether to report on time spent on all your contacts, or on one customer in particular.

Contact filter


Select the project that you would like to filter by. If you select a customer from the ‘contacts’ list, then you will only be able to choose from projects you have undertaken for that customer.

Project filter


If you filter by project, you can choose to report on all the tasks within that project, or on one task in particular.

Filter by task


You can choose for the report to include time spent on these filtered items by everyone in your business, or by one individual.

Filter by user

That's it - you're done!

Once you’re happy with the settings you’ve chosen, select ‘Generate Report’. You can then save the report as a PDF or save it to the Files area of FreeAgent.

Save buttons

Remember that you can also generate an at-a-glance view of your timeslips by using the filters on the Time Tracking page.

Timeslip filters

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