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Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT submission: error messages

In this article we have provided a list of error messages you might encounter when submitting your MTD for VAT return in FreeAgent.

We’ve compiled a list of potential error messages like authorisation and VAT return dates, then provided options to help you resolve these issues.

Authorisation error

The following error message "The client and/or agent is not authorised." means the credentials you used to connect FreeAgent to HMRC have failed the check and you may not be properly signed up for MTD.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1. Disconnect from the HMRC connections in FreeAgent

Navigate to your company name and select 'Connections'.


Then select 'Manage HMRC Connections'.


From the HMRC Connections, select 'Disconnect'.


2. Reconnect your FreeAgent account to HMRC

Once you have disconnected select 'Connect FreeAgent to HMRC'.


If the connection was successful

If the connection was successful, you’ll see a message confirming that FreeAgent has verified your credentials. You should then try to submit your MTD VAT return again.


If the connection isn’t successful

If the connection isn’t successful, FreeAgent will provide you with some handy on-screen instructions for you to follow.


VAT return date error

The following error message "The VAT return period dates on this return don't match what HMRC have on record." means HMRC expected a VAT return with different dates than those on the return you’re trying to submit.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1. Confirm your return date in your HMRC business tax account

Confirm your return date in your HMRC business tax account to check which return your should submit under MTD and make a note of the dates that the return should cover.

2. Update the dates for the VAT return in FreeAgent

Log in to FreeAgent, navigate to the ‘Taxes’ tab and select ‘VAT’.


Select the VAT return you were trying to submit.


Select 'Edit Details'


Then change the date so they match the date from your business tax account and select 'Save'.


3. Check that your VAT return in FreeAgent has the correct dates

Once you have selected 'Save' you will see your VAT return, check that the correct dates located on the panel on the right-hand side of the return report.


No data found error

The following error message "The remote endpoint has indicated that no data can be found" means HMRC doesn’t hold any data for your company on the Making Tax Digital for VAT systems. This could be due to either trying to submit too early or there's a problem at HMRC’s end.

To resolve this issue, try to log in to your HMRC business tax account. Your business tax account should display when your next return is due. If it doesn’t, contact HMRC for help.

Internal server error

The following error message "Internal server error" means HMRC’s system is currently having problems. If this happens, try submitting the return again.

This error could also mean that you’ve tried to file a Making Tax Digital return before you received the confirmation from HMRC that you successfully have signed up to MTD.

If you continue to encounter errors please contact HMRC, as there might be a problem with your records at HMRC’s end.

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