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How to adjust boxes 6 and 7 of your VAT return

This article explains how to increase or decrease the amounts in boxes 6 and 7 in your VAT return, whether you’re on the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) or not.

In a VAT return, box 6 is for the value of your sales and box 7 is for purchases. The process of changing the amounts in boxes 6 and 7 is the same, regardless if you’re on the Flat Rate Scheme or not.

FreeAgent will accurately calculate all of these boxes for you, but there are some occasions when you might need to adjust the figure in box 6 or box 7 of your VAT return, without making changes to the figures FreeAgent has worked out for boxes 1-5.

If you have an accountant, please check with them before making any adjustments to these boxes.

Please note that you’re unable to edit box 6 or box 7 by posting journal entries.

1 Navigate to the ‘Taxes’ tab and select ‘VAT’


2 Choose the VAT return you’d like to edit


3 Select ‘Edit Details’ on the VAT return

To adjust the numbers of boxes 6 and 7, select ‘Edit Details’ on the VAT return.


4 Enter your adjustments for box 6 and 7

If you enter a positive number into box 6 or 7, it will increase the amounts in these boxes.


If you enter a negative number into box 6 or 7, it will decrease the amounts in these boxes.


Once you have saved your changes, your VAT return will be updated.

That’s it! You can now review your changes

When viewing a VAT return, if you select ‘Full Report’, you’ll see your adjustments to the total for boxes 6 and 7, as well as the breakdown for each individual adjustment.


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