How to add a new employee with no National Insurance (NI) number to payroll

This article explains how to set up a payroll profile for a new employee without a National Insurance number.

Please note that FreeAgent's payroll functionality won't be available if you have an unincorporated landlord or non-UK account type, or if you're preparing your accounts using cash basis accounting.

To follow the steps below, you’ll need to have already set up payroll for your company. If you haven’t set up payroll yet, here’s how.

You’ll also need to set up the employee as a user first.

Navigate to 'My Money' and select 'Payroll'.


In the 'Employees' section, select 'Add an Employee', then choose the employee from the drop-down menu.


In 'Employee Details' navigate to the option of 'NI Number provided?', select 'No' from the drop-down menu.


To save your changes, and create the new profile select 'Create Payroll Profile'.

When your employee does receive their NI number, you can go back into the payroll area and select 'Edit Profile', located to the right of the employee's name.


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