How to add your accountant as a user to your FreeAgent account

This article explains how to add your accountant as a user to your FreeAgent account in order to allow them to access your data and perform a range of tasks on your behalf.

If you work with an accountant who is a FreeAgent partner, you can ask them to transfer your FreeAgent account to their Practice Dashboard instead of following the steps below.

The Practice Dashboard is a tool that allows FreeAgent partner accountants to view and manage their clients’ FreeAgent accounts. If you transfer your account to an accountant’s Practice Dashboard, they will gain full access to it and will be responsible for managing your FreeAgent subscription. Please ask your accountant if you’re unsure whether they have a Practice Dashboard.

If you work with an accountant who isn’t a FreeAgent partner, follow the steps below to add your accountant as a user to your FreeAgent account.

Please note that you cannot explain salary or dividend payments to users with the role of ‘Accountant’ or create expenses for them.

Begin by selecting 'Settings' from the drop-down menu in the top-right of your FreeAgent account and then selecting 'Users'.


Select 'New User'.


Enter your accountant’s email address, first name and last name in the ‘User Details’ area. Leave the 'National Insurance Number', 'Unique Tax Reference' and 'Date of Birth' fields blank.


Select 'Accountant' from the ‘Role’ drop-down menu.


Please note that 'Accountant' is an advisor role in FreeAgent, so your accountant won't be able to add or edit users of your FreeAgent account.

Leave the 'Status' set to 'Active'.


Leave the ‘Mileage’ field blank. 


Next, tick the checkbox marked 'Send this user an invitation to set their password'. This will send your accountant an email inviting them to set their own password with a link to log in to your FreeAgent account.


Choose the level of access you want to give your accountant by using the slider in the ‘User Permissions’ area. The default access level for a new user is level 7: 'Tax, Accounting & Users'. If you want your accountant to be able to file payroll, Self Assessment or VAT returns on your behalf, or create journal entries, they’ll need full (level 8) access.


Once you've entered the relevant information, select 'Create new user & Send Invitation' to save the details you've entered.

Once the process is complete, your accountant will be set up as a user of your FreeAgent account and will be able to access your data once they've set their password.

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