How to access or view a client’s account

This article explains how to access a client’s account from your Practice Dashboard. It also explains how to filter the clients on your Dashboard and see an overview of the client’s account without accessing the account.

Please note that you’ll only be able to view and access a client’s account from your Practice Dashboard if the account has been added or transferred to your dashboard. If you have only been added to your client’s account as a user, the account won’t appear on your dashboard.

Accessing a client’s account

Begin by logging in to your Practice Dashboard and selecting the ‘Switch to’ button for the relevant client.

Switch to client.png

Alternatively, select the client’s name from the list to view their client profile, then select ‘Switch to’ in the top-right.

Switch to highlighted in client's account.png

This will let you access your client’s account with your account manager permissions. Please note that if you select ‘Client Login’ in the ‘Client Details’ section while viewing the client profile in your Practice Dashboard, this will log you in to the client’s account as the client. This means that your access will be restricted to the user permissions you’ve set for the client.

Filtering clients

You can filter clients on your Practice Dashboard by account manager, client type, client information or client account status.

Filter by account manager

If you want to view just your own clients, select the 'My Clients' tab.

My clients tab.png

If you've been added to an account manager and client group and want to view those clients, select the 'My group clients' tab.

My group clients tab.png

If you're a senior account manager and want to view the clients assigned to your colleagues as well, select the 'All clients' tab.

All clients tab.png

Filter by client type

You can filter clients by their FreeAgent account type using the drop-down menu.

Filter by client type.png

Filter by client information

You can search for a client using their business name, subdomain, client name or client email address by typing the relevant information into the search box in the top-right and selecting 'Search'.

Filter by client info.png

Filter by client account status

You can choose to search for ‘Linked’, ‘Practice’, ‘Active’, ‘Inactive’, ‘Closed’ or ‘Demo’ clients* by selecting the relevant option from the drop-down menu on the left of the screen.

*If you'd like to show FreeAgent to prospective clients using a demo account with dummy data, our sales team would be happy to set that up for you. Please email

Filter by client status.png

Client overview

To see the client's mini profit and loss, MTD for VAT status or free licence eligibility, log in to your Practice Dashboard and select the client's name from the list.

Select client.png

This will display a mini profit and loss for the client and a summary of their information, including their free licence eligibility.

Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 09.24.22.png

From here, you can remove the client or edit their details if you need to.

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