How to re-consent a client’s Open Banking bank feed

This article explains how to re-consent a client’s Open Banking bank feed in FreeAgent.

To make sure your client’s Open Banking bank feed is kept active, fresh consent will need to be provided every 90 days as part of the Open Banking standard. Re-consenting every 90 days ensures that your client’s account is secure and that they’re in control of the apps that access their banking data.

If a client’s bank feed has expired, you can follow the steps below to re-connect their bank feed and FreeAgent will automatically import data from their last transaction date, so no data will be missing. Please note you can only re-connect bank feeds within FreeAgent for supported banks, and the earliest you'll be able to re-connect a client's bank feed is from late June 2022 onwards.

If the client has a Mettle bank feed that has expired, the client will need to re-enable the bank feed by following these steps. If the client has a bank feed integration with Starling Bank, they’ll need to re-consent directly with the Starling Bank app every 90 days.

If the client’s bank feed isn’t with a supported bank, the client will need to re-consent the bank feed themselves by following these steps. There are also scenarios where the client will need to complete the re-consent process themselves, even if the client’s bank feed is with a supported bank.

1. Access the client’s account

Log in to your Practice Dashboard and select the ‘My Clients’ tab in the ‘Clients’ area. Select ‘Switch to’ beside the relevant client to access their account.


2. Navigate to the client’s bank account

From the client’s account, navigate to the 'Banking' tab at the top of the screen and select 'Bank Accounts' from the drop-down menu.


Choose the relevant bank account from the list.


FreeAgent will display an ‘Expiring soon’ warning in the 'Bank Connection' box on the right-hand side of the screen 10 days before the client’s bank feed is due to expire. When this alert appears, select 'Update connection'.


3. Re-consent the client’s bank feed

To begin the re-consent process, select 'Continue’.


Review the client’s bank accounts that are linked to FreeAgent and select 'Update your accounts'.


This will complete the process if the client has set up a bank feed with a supported bank. The client’s bank feed will function as normal for the next 90 days, after which you’ll need to repeat this process to re-consent again.

Which bank feeds can I re-consent for a client from within FreeAgent?

The ability to re-consent a client’s bank feed in FreeAgent without being redirected to their bank’s website is available for the following banks. We plan to expand this functionality to other banks when they supply us with the technical information needed to support this functionality.

Bank Supported account types
Mettle Business account
NatWest Online banking business and personal accounts

Why can’t I re-consent the client’s bank feed within FreeAgent?

There are a number of reasons why you might be redirected to a client’s bank’s website, where the client will need to complete the 90-day re-consent process themselves:

  • Their bank feed is not with a supported bank
  • Due to Open Banking regulations, we are unable to import transactions older than 90 days without reconnecting to their bank
  • Open Banking access has been revoked by their bank, e.g. their online banking login details have changed, or for security reasons
  • In order for FreeAgent to comply with Open Banking technical changes, we may need the client to reconnect with their bank
  • You are adding a new bank account not previously connected to FreeAgent

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