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Edit a contact's details

All about the Edit Contact Details screen within FreeAgent.

To edit a contact, go to Contacts and then choose Edit for the contact you want to edit details for.


Or, alternatively, with the contact open, select the Edit Details button.


Here's what the Edit Contact Details screen looks like.


As you can see, most of the information is optional. The boxes that have to be filled in are marked with red asterisks.

You can enter both a contact's own name and the organisation name, but you don't have to. You can enter just one or the other name.

Invoicing Options for a contact

Under the address boxes is the Invoicing Options section which we'll look at in a bit more detail. These are relevant if the contact is a client rather than a supplier.

Payment terms

If you want to set payment terms that are specific for this contact, you can enter them here. This will then be used on all new invoices and recurring invoice profiles that you create for this contact. It won’t change any existing invoices (including draft invoices) or any existing recurring invoice profiles.


Invoice numbering sequence

You may want to tick the top box to set a specific sequence for invoices you issue to this contact. For example, you might want to prefix the number with the client's or their business's initials.


Contact name

You have the option to display the contact's individual name as well as the organisation's name on the invoices. This is useful if you need to mark the invoice for a particular person's attention, for example the bookkeeper or purchase ledger clerk.


Charging VAT - or not

Sometimes you may have clients for whom you may or may not need to add VAT to the invoice, depending on where you are delivering services to the client. So you have the option to charge VAT only if the client is based in the UK, which is the default, or always charge VAT, or never charge VAT. And you can put in the client's VAT registration number.


Different language

And you do also have the option to issue invoices and estimates to your clients in several different languages. Choose your language by selecting the drop-down arrow here.


Once you've finished making changes, select Save Changes to keep them or Cancel to exit from this contact's information without saving it.

Sent invoices not affected by contact changes

It's important to remember that if you make changes in this area, they won't affect invoices you've created for this contact and marked as sent.

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