Edit a timeslip

In this guide we’ll show you how to edit and delete your existing timeslips in FreeAgent.

To start, choose Time Tracking from the Work drop-down menu, or, if you are in another part of the Work area, such as Projects, select Time Tracking from the top of the page.


Find the timeslip that you want to edit from the list of all timeslips - you can use the timeslip view controls to view your timeslips by most recent, by week, or by day. Use the calendar picker to choose a date to base the views on.


You can then filter your timeslips using the options at the top of the page:


Changing a timeslip using the stopwatch

If you are about to do more work on an existing timeslip, press the ‘record’ button on the timeslip to start the stopwatch running. The time will automatically be added to the timeslip.


Remember to press the ‘pause’ button to stop the timer when you finish the work!

Changing a timeslip by updating the time manually

If you need to adjust a timeslip, select ‘Edit’ and type over the existing figure. Remember that the new figure should reflect the total time spent on the task.


If you need to change a timeslip that has been added to an invoice, (an invoice number and a padlock symbol will be displayed against these timeslips), see ‘Editing a ‘locked’ timeslip’ below.

You can also edit a timeslip from the Project area of FreeAgent. Choose Projects from the Work drop-down menu (or from the top of the page, if you are in Time Tracking). From the list, select the project that relates to the timeslip you want to edit. Open the Time tab on the project page and select Edit.


Deleting a timeslip

If you want to delete a timeslip altogether, choose the cross that appears alongside it on the list of timeslips.


You will be asked to confirm that you definitely want to delete the timeslip before it is removed from the list.

You can also delete a timeslip from the Project area of FreeAgent. Choose Projects from the Work drop-down menu and select the project that the timeslip relates to. Open the ‘Time’ tab on the project summary page and select the cross that appears alongside the timeslip.


These options for deleting a timeslip will only be available on timeslips that have not already been added to an invoice.

Editing a ‘locked’ timeslip

FreeAgent locks timeslips once they are added to an invoice, even if the invoice is in draft. An invoice number and a padlock symbol will be displayed alongside these timeslips.


To change a locked timeslip, delete the time from the invoice before creating a new timeslip. Open the invoice by selecting the invoice number that appears next to the timeslip on the list. You can also navigate to ‘Invoices’ in the ‘Work’ area of FreeAgent and select the appropriate invoice number from the list.

First, make sure the invoice is in Draft mode:


Then delete the entry from the invoice by choosing the cross symbol that appears next to it. Don’t be confused by the ‘edit’ option on the invoice: although it allows you to change the time that appears, it does not change your timeslip.


Now you can create a new timeslip and add it to the invoice.

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