View or edit a project

This article explains how to find and edit a project that you've already set up in FreeAgent.

1 Select Project

Choose Projects from the Work menu.


This brings up the Project Summary page, a summary list of all your projects.

2 Filtering the list of projects

You can choose whether you want to filter them so that you only see active or completed projects, by selecting the relevant option from the drop-down menu here.


When you've found the project that you want to view or edit, select on it to select it.


3 Edit project details

If you want to change any of the key details for this project, such as the invoice sequence, select the Edit Details button. Or you can quickly switch the project between Active, Completed, Cancelled and Hidden by selecting the marked link.


Now save your changes

What's the difference between Active, Completed, Cancelled and Hidden projects?

When you're elsewhere in FreeAgent, such as creating a new invoice, only Active projects will appear on the drop-down list of projects for you to choose from.

If you want to create an invoice for a project with any other status, you'll have to start from that project and select Add New, then Invoice.

Can I quickly add a new invoice to this project?

The Add New button lets you create a new estimate, task, timeslip, invoice or expense associated with this project.


Can I see what invoices I've already issued for this project?

You can also look at what estimates, tasks, timeslips, or invoices have been created for this project on this screen, and see what has been billed to your client on an invoice, and how much is still outstanding. You can also see any expenses or other costs charged for this project.

Select any of the tabs at the top to view details.


And when you've opened a tab, for each line of content in the tab, you can select it to drill down into the actual estimate, task, timeslip, invoice, or expense.


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