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View or edit a bill

Here's how to look at and edit a bill that you've already put into FreeAgent.

Finding existing bills

To see the bills you've entered, select on Bills from the menu.


Filtering and ordering bills

You can choose, from the first drop-down menu, whether you want to see all your bills, or just some of them. Perhaps you might want to look at just bills that are open, that is, bills that you've entered into FreeAgent, but which aren't yet due to be paid and haven't yet been paid.

Overdue bills are different from Open bills because they've passed their due date for payment and haven't yet been recorded as paid in FreeAgent. Paid bills have been paid, and Recurring bills are those that you've set to be entered into FreeAgent more than once.


You can also filter the list of bills by dates, by selecting the right-hand drop-down menu.


And you can choose what order you'd like the list of bills to appear in. Select one of the column headers to order by that.

Select the same header again to reverse the order, for example, to put the oldest first...


...or newest first.


On the list, you can see the summary details of the bills, when they was dated and when they were due, which contact each bill was received from, its reference and details, and how much it was for.

How to see more information, or edit the bill

If you need to see more detailed information for a bill, or to edit a bill, select its reference number in the list.


This brings up the Edit a Bill screen.

You can then edit the bill as you wish, or even delete it by selecting the "Delete This Bill" button.


FreeAgent will ask if you're sure before it deletes the bill.

It won't let me!

Sometimes FreeAgent will not let you edit or delete the bill. For example, if it's already been paid, you would need to remove the payment from the bill if that bank entry were an uploaded entry, or delete the bank entry altogether if it was entered manually, before you can edit or delete the bill.

How do I enter a payment for this bill?

To quickly enter a payment against this bill, select the Pay Bill button here.


This will bring up a screen where you can enter a manual payment to pay this bill from your primary bank account, with the compulsory fields filled in for you, as you can see below.


If you've paid this bill from an account other than your primary bank account, don't use this Pay Bill button.

You can still use it to record a payment in advance of uploading your bank statement. FreeAgent will identify this payment as the same as one that's already been entered when you run the upload, so long as you record the date and value of the payment correctly. You'll just need to tick the "Use Existing Manual Entry" box when you're explaining the bank payment.

When you've finished editing the bill, select Save Changes, or select Cancel to close this screen without saving your changes, if you discover you've made a mistake.


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