Add default text to an estimate

Sometimes you might want to put some information, other than what's already there such as the company and VAT numbers, on to all of your FreeAgent estimates.

An example of default text you might want to add to an estimate would be a note telling clients how long your estimates are valid for.

How to add default text

As you set up or edit an estimate, select the "Set default Additional Text" link:


A text box will appear. Type in the text that you want to appear on each of your estimates.


Once you've finished typing, select Save to keep the text or Cancel to close without saving it.

If you select 'Save', you'll then see this text appears in the big "Additional Text" box, and will appear both on this estimate and each new one you create.


Changing the text on a single estimate

Edit the text in the big "Additional Text" box:


Editing the default text

As you set up a new estimate or edit a draft one, select the link to edit the default additional text.


Make your changes, then select Save to keep them or Cancel to exit without saving.


Please note, changing the default information will overwrite any changes you have made by typing into the "Additional Text" box for just this one estimate.

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