Preventing fraud

If you’ve been redirected to this page, it may be because we have detected possible suspicious activity on your account.

We have deployed automated tooling and technologies to help identify potentially fraudulent patterns of abuse within our systems. Where we do identify such activity, we may block access to the affected or offending account for a limited period of time.

Our automated tooling also identifies and prevents the use of email addresses that are often used by fraudsters. This will stop anyone signing up to FreeAgent with a temporary or disposable email address.

We constantly monitor our environment to ensure that legitimate users are not blocked (these are called false-positives). If you have been redirected to this page while accessing, trying to access, or trying to sign up to your FreeAgent account, it is because we have identified some strange behaviour that could be considered fraudulent or outside the pattern of normal behaviour.

It's better to be safe than sorry, so our default position in such situations is to block.

If you feel that access to your account has been blocked incorrectly, please contact our support team at and we can investigate the issue for you.

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