Taking invoice payments with Stripe using the FreeAgent mobile app

This article explains how to start accepting debit and credit card payments for your FreeAgent invoices using Stripe via the FreeAgent mobile app.

Please note that:

  • you won't be able to use the FreeAgent mobile app if you have an unincorporated landlord account
  • you’ll need to have enabled the Stripe integration using the desktop version of FreeAgent before following the steps below
  • any changes you make using the FreeAgent mobile app will be reflected in the desktop version of FreeAgent

The benefits of using Stripe include:

  • allowing your customers to easily pay invoices online by sending them a payment link
  • allowing your customers to pay for invoices by debit or credit card
  • optimised checkout options for your customers including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Stripe 1-click checkout
  • ability to customise the Stripe checkout portal with your own branding

Find out about Stripe charges. You can also collect payments online using Paypal.

Taking invoice payments using Stripe

Tap the three-lined 'hamburger' icon at the top-left of the FreeAgent mobile app and select 'Invoices'.


Tap the ‘+’ at the bottom of the screen and follow the steps for creating an invoice using the FreeAgent mobile app.


In the ‘Payment enabled’ section, make sure that Stripe has been selected. To choose Stripe, select ‘Manage’ and toggle the Stripe option.

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Select ‘Create invoice & add line items’ and enter the necessary details for the invoice.

When you’re sending the invoice to your customer, toggle ‘Include online payment button’ if you’d like to add a payment button to your invoice email.


Please note that:

  • the online payment link will only work if the invoice value is equal or greater to Stripe's current minimum fee.

  • if a bank transaction is explained against the invoice before your customer makes the payment, when they select the payment link they’ll only be able to pay the remaining balance of the invoice, not the full amount.

  • if you use Stripe’s Instant Payout feature for an invoice created in FreeAgent, you’ll need to manually explain the bank transaction as a payment for the invoice.

How this works for your customers

This will add a button to your invoice that allows your customer to pay the invoice using a debit or credit card.


This will show them your invoice, along with the option to pay by credit card via Stripe. Any other payment options you enabled while creating your invoice, such as PayPal, will also be available to them.


Your customer will then be taken to Stripe's checkout portal which will provide them with options to pay the invoice using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe 1-click checkout or enter their card details.

You can brand the checkout portal with your own branding via your Stripe Dashboard. Find out more about how to customise the Stripe checkout portal.


Receiving payments

Please note that your customer may need to go through 3D Secure 2 Strong Customer Authentication before they can make a payment for your invoice. As soon as a payment is made by your customer you should receive a confirmation email. This confirmation email will be sent to the email address of the registered account owner. Payments made with Stripe take seven days to appear in your bank account.

If a payment made with Stripe doesn't go through from your customer's account, it can be up to five days before Stripe is notified by the bank. While payments are pending or being processed, FreeAgent will stop sending automatic email reminders.

How to account for Stripe fees in FreeAgent

For more information on how to account for automatically deducted Stripe fees in FreeAgent, find out how to split a transaction for commission or charges deducted.

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