About the weekly summary email

This article explains what to expect from the weekly summary email, known as 'The Monday Motivator', that FreeAgent sends at the start of each week.

The Monday Motivator email highlights important things that need your attention like overdue invoices that need chasing or important tax deadlines.


The Monday Motivator is sent to the FreeAgent account owner and made up of the following sections:

Tax Timeline

A reminder of any upcoming tax deadlines.


The total amount you are owed for open or overdue invoices, which you can set up automatic emails for from FreeAgent to remind your customers to pay an invoice when it’s due or overdue, or manually send a reminder email once an invoice is overdue.


The total amount you owe for open or overdue bills.

Time Tracking

The total value of any unbilled time and how many unbilled hours you have in your timeslips.


The total value of any open estimates.

We will only send you the sections of The Monday Motivator or information that’s relevant to your account, for example, if you don’t use Estimates in FreeAgent we won’t include the Estimates section in your weekly Monday Motivator email.

How to unsubscribe

You can turn off the weekly  Monday Motivator emails by selecting ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of FreeAgent and then selecting 'Communication Preferences'.


From here, you’ll see that the 'Emails' section has an option labelled 'Monday Motivator'. Uncheck this option and then save your changes.


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