View or edit estimate

How to take an estimate that you've already created in FreeAgent, and add figures to it.

Where can I see estimates I've created?

On the All Estimates screen (Work > Estimates), you can choose whether you want to view all the estimates you've ever created, or just recent ones. And you can also choose to see estimates by status, so if you know you want to, for example, add figures to a new estimate that you've just created, then you'd choose to look for estimates in draft. Use the two drop-down menus at the top of the Estimates list to filter the view.

OK, I've found the estimate I'm looking for.

When you've found the estimate you want to work with, click on it to load it.


This is what an estimate looks like in draft stage:


That's important because you can only edit estimates that are in draft stage, and you'll need to edit this one if only by adding some figures to it, because it's a new estimate.

Changing the look and feel

But before you do that, if you decide you'd like this estimate to look a bit different, FreeAgent does have a selection of themes for you to choose from.

Click More at the right of the screen, then choose Change Theme.


You can see there are different layouts here, and each one looks slightly different in terms of colour and layout.

Click on a theme to choose it. Choose the one you like the look of the most. If you click on a theme you'll see a preview of the estimate using that theme.

Once you've chosen your layout for this estimate, click the Close button at the top right to make the themes panel disappear.


Adding figures

You're now ready to start adding figures to the estimate. To do this, click the "Add Estimate Item" button.


Price list

You can add items from your price list.


If this item isn't in your price list, here's how to enter a new item on to the estimate.

Quantity and unit

Type in the quantity, and choose the unit from the drop-down menu. So you might be estimating the cost of 4 hours' work, or 5 days' work. If you don't want to show a unit then there is also a "No Unit" option which will leave this column blank.



Type in the details of the item in the big Details box. If you type in text that you've entered here before, FreeAgent will remember and suggest it to you. Click on the text in the blue box to choose it.


Unit price

Then enter the price per unit. So if you're estimating for 4 hours' work and your hourly rate is £30, put 30.00 here.


Income category

Choose the income category, from the drop-down menu, that you'll want this item to go into if your estimate is approved and converted into a sent invoice.

If you don't see this option then you won't have set up any new categories, and this item will be posted to the standard Sales category.



And make sure you choose the correct rate of VAT for this estimate item, from the drop-down menu.


Add to price list

If you'll sell this item regularly to different customers, you can add it to your price list by ticking this box and putting in a code for the item.


Create item

If this is the only item you need to add to this estimate, then click Create and Finish. If you're going to need to add more items, click Create and Add Another. If you don't want to add this item to the estimate, click Cancel.

Editing the estimate

Now that the estimate has some figures on it, you're ready to think about sending it to your client. First check that the name and address details are correct. If they're not, click the Edit button to change them.


You can choose to remove the tax value from the estimate total on the edit screen as well. If you chose not to include sales tax on your estimate total, when the estimate is converted to an invoice, the sales tax values will be displayed as usual.


You can edit any item on the estimate if you click the Edit button to the right of the item.

And to delete the item from the estimate, click the cross on the far right of the item.


And you can even delete the estimate and start again by clicking the Delete button.


You're now ready to send the estimate to your client and you may also want to change its status.

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