How to export all data, attachments and files in your FreeAgent account

This article explains how to export your data, attachments and files from your FreeAgent account.

This is useful if you want to take a backup to keep on your own computer. You will need full (level 8) access to use this feature.

Please note that the export file created when backing up your data is for record keeping only and cannot be restored back into FreeAgent.

Begin by selecting 'Settings' from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner and then select 'Export All Data'.


Next, choose what kind of information you’d like to export. You can either export all of your account data into a spreadsheet file, or you can export all of your files and attachments into a zip folder.


Account data

Select this option to download your account data in an Excel spreadsheet file. The spreadsheet includes some of the following information from your FreeAgent account:

  • bank accounts
  • explained bank transactions (the Bank Account Entries tab)
  • all bank transactions, including ones that aren't yet explained (the Bank Account Transactions tab)
  • payslips
  • contacts
  • projects
  • invoices
  • estimates
  • bills
  • expenses
  • tasks
  • timeslips
  • VAT returns with net liability, accounting basis and Flat Rate Scheme types only
  • recurring invoices

Export NI breakdown and other reports

You can export payroll year-to-date figures. In order to ensure that new starters are included and leavers are excluded, the export needs to be performed for month 12 month of the relevant tax year.

You can also export PDFs of your VAT returns, profit and loss report, balance sheet and trial balance by navigating to the relevant report.

Once an export has been completed, please check the file to ensure very recently added information has been included.

Files, receipt images and attachments

Select this option to download all the images, files and assorted attachments that you’ve uploaded to your FreeAgent account. They will download into a zip file, and can be downloaded again from the 'Your recent data and attachments' area.

Your recent data and attachments

This section shows your most recent data export. Please note that a files and attachments download will expire from this area after seven days.

Once the exported file is available, FreeAgent will send you an email with a link to the file which you can download onto your computer or device. Alternatively, you can select 'Download' in the 'Your recent data and attachments' section.


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