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Verified sender emails in FreeAgent

Here we explain how verified sender emails work in FreeAgent and how to ensure that the email addresses you use to send invoice and estimate emails from your FreeAgent account are verified.

How verified sender email works

A verified sender email address is one that FreeAgent has confirmed genuinely belongs to a FreeAgent account owner or user.

FreeAgent verifies email addresses by sending a confirmation email. The owner of that email address then needs to follow a link within that email to confirm that their email address is genuine. This allows them to send estimates and invoices from within FreeAgent; it also enables account holders to send emails on behalf of users with verified email addresses.

How to verify a sender email address

To verify a new sender email address, select your company name at the top right hand side of the screen and choose Settings. Then on ‘Sending emails’ from the ‘Emails, invoices and estimates’ section of the Settings area of your FreeAgent account and select ‘Add New Sender Email’.


Enter the sender’s email address and the name you want to associate with it, and FreeAgent will then send a confirmation email to that address.


The owner of the address then has to follow a link within the email to verify their email address. This will allow the owner of that email address to send estimate and invoice emails from within FreeAgent. If you’re the account holder and another FreeAgent user’s email address is verified, you’ll also be able to send estimate and invoice emails from that address on the user’s behalf.

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