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Setting up challenger bank feed integrations

This article shows you how to set up third-party bank feed integrations, such as Starling.

FreeAgent has had an open API for many years which allows third-party providers to build integrations. Recently, challenger banks have started to create their own bank feed integrations with FreeAgent.

At the moment, the third party challenger bank feed integrations available are:

  • Starling Bank
  • Tide
  • Revolut
  • Monzo

Please note that we are unable to provide detailed support on third-party bank feed integrations, as they are developed and supported outside of FreeAgent.  

Before setting up a challenger bank feed integration, you’ll need to create a new bank account in FreeAgent. Once you’ve set up your bank account, you can also choose to set up ‘Guess’. Guess is a FreeAgent feature that attempts to automatically explain your transactions, based on existing information in your FreeAgent account. Find out more about setting up Guess here.

Starling Bank

Integrate FreeAgent with your Starling Business bank account through the Starling app:

  1. Navigate to the Starling Business Marketplace from the ‘Account’ Menu
  2. Click ‘Accounting’
  3. Find FreeAgent and click the ‘Add’ button
  4. Follow the instructions to authorise access and set up the account on FreeAgent

If you’re having further issues connecting, please contact Starling support or check out this article.


The Tide support community has provided easy-to-follow instructions on setting up the integrations with FreeAgent.

If you encounter any further issues setting up the integration, please contact Tide support.


In the Revolut app select the Connect tab in the menu, where you'll find the option to integrate with FreeAgent. From there, follow the steps and you’ll be able to authorise Revolut to access your FreeAgent account.

If you encounter any further issues setting up the integration, please have a look at Revolut’s support page or contact them directly.


Integrate FreeAgent with your Monzo Business Account through your Monzo app:

  1. Select the 'Account' tab
  2. Scroll down to 'Accounting Integrations' and select 'Add Integration'
  3. Choose FreeAgent from the list
  4. Confirm that you'd like to link these accounts. Then, you'll be prompted to log in to your FreeAgent account.

That's it! Your Monzo Business Account transactions will begin to sync within 24 hours. At the moment, Monzo transactions will sync up once a day. 

If you encounter any further issues setting up the integration, please have a look at Monzo’s website or contact them directly.

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