Add a new task to a project

You can break a project down into different tasks. For example, if you're a stationer, you could be doing a print run for a customer, which would be your project. That print run might then be divided into letterheads and business cards, and those would be your tasks.

You can set up both billable and unbillable tasks. An unbillable tasks is one that you can't charge your clients for (e.g. admin).

You can later then filter your timesheet reports to show billable tasks, unbillable tasks, or both.

If you want to track the time you spend on a project, you'll need to set up at least one task for it.

1 Add a new task

From the Project Summary screen, select on the project to which you want to add a new task.


Select Add New, then from the drop-down menu, choose Task.


2 Set your task options

Give the task a name.

Tick the box to say whether this task is billable or unbillable. (It can't be both.)

Put in the task rate, if it's different from your default project rate for that project, and choose whether this rate is per hour or per day. Allowing you to choose a rate per task lets you effectively set up a rate per user, because you can set up different tasks for different users.


Choose whether this task's status is active, completed or hidden.


Your task is now ready to use in your project

What's the difference between these statuses?

You can only create new timeslips for active tasks.

Then select Create New Task to save this task if it's the only new task you're creating for this project, or Create and Add Another to save this task and create another new task for this project. Or select Cancel if you don't want to save this task.

How do I edit or delete a task I've already set up?

To edit a task, open the project and select the Edit button next to the task. (The cross to delete the task is next to the Edit button.)


Selecting the Edit button brings up the Edit Task screen where you can change the details.

If you want to change the task rate, it's better to set up a new task, because if you change the rate of an existing task, any time you haven't yet billed will be billed to your client at the new rate.

I can't see the Delete cross.

You can only delete a task if you haven't recorded any hours against it.

You can also create a new task as you create a new timeslip.

And you can quickly add a timeslip to a project from the Project screen.


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