Add costs to a project

Some examples of how to add costs, such as a bill, out-of-pocket expenses or mileage travelled, to a project so that you can re-bill them to your client, if you have agreed that the client will cover the cost.


When you create a new bill, you have the option to link it to a project by choosing the project in question from the "Link to Project" drop-down menu here.


You can then choose whether the bill should be charged on to your client, and if so, how.

If you won't be charging your client for the cost of this bill, choose No. But if you are charging your client, choose whether that will be at cost, at a percentage markup, or at a set specific price. This last allows you to, for example, charge your client £40 for a £39.99 bill.


Out-of-pocket expense

Similarly, you can choose to link an expense to a project...


...and whether to charge it on, and if so, how.



You can also choose to re-bill mileage to a project, and if so, how much you'll be charging your client per mile, since some clients pay more or less than the approved HMRC mileage rate...


Bank payment

You can also choose to link a bank payment to a project...


...and whether to charge it on, and if so, how.


How does FreeAgent work out the VAT on the re-bill?

Note that when you re-bill a cost, FreeAgent automatically charges the net amount plus VAT to your client.

Where can I see which costs I've re-billed?

You can see what expenses and other costs you've re-billed to a project by viewing it in the Projects screen.

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