Reinstating deleted bank transactions

This article explains how to reinstate deleted bank transactions in FreeAgent.

In a hurry?

  • Check the Audit Trail report to see what has been deleted before proceeding with reinstating any transactions.

  • If you need to reinstate a single or small number of bank transactions, you can add them manually.

  • However, if you need to reinstate a large number of transactions, you can upload them on a bank statement.

  • Be careful not to add duplicates of transactions that have not been deleted.

Manually adding a bank transaction

To add a bank transaction manually, navigate to the relevant bank account, select ‘More’ and choose ‘Add transaction’ from the drop-down menu.

‘Add transaction’ highlighted beneath More drop-down menu on an example account page..png

Enter the relevant details for the transaction and select 'Create and Add Another' to save this transaction and enter another transaction, or 'Create and Finish' to save this transaction and complete the process.

New manual bank account entry page with fields for transaction details..png

Uploading a bank statement

To upload bank transactions, navigate to the relevant bank account and select ‘Upload statement’.

‘Upload statement’ button highlighted on an example bank account page..png

Select 'Select a file' to choose the file you've downloaded from your online banking website. Find out which bank statement formats FreeAgent supports and how to format a CSV file.

‘Select a file’ button highlighted on the ‘Upload a bank statement’ page..png

Guess is a FreeAgent feature that attempts to automatically explain your bank transactions based on existing information in your FreeAgent account. If you want to disable this feature, untick the 'Guess explanations for my transactions' checkbox.

‘Guess explanations for my bank transactions’ checkbox highlighted under the ‘Select a file’ button..png

Select 'Upload Statement' to complete the process.

‘Upload statement’ button highlighted on the ‘Upload a bank statement’ page..png

Once you've uploaded your transactions, the next step is to explain them.

If you find that uploading the bank statement has created duplicates of some transactions that were not deleted, you can delete the duplicate transactions. Alternatively, if you need to, you can undo a bank statement upload.

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