An introduction to Radar for accountants

This article provides an introduction to FreeAgent’s Radar feature and explains how to use the Radar area of your Practice Dashboard and within your clients’ accounts.

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What is Radar?

Radar is the home of helpful notifications about your FreeAgent account. In your Radar, you'll currently get notified about all the latest product updates as they are released, which will help you to support your clients.

It will also provide your clients with tailored insights into their business’s performance and help them stay on top of their business admin.

Radar notifications in your Practice Dashboard

When there is a new product update, you’ll receive a new ping and the bell-shaped icon beside your practice name in the top-right of your Practice Dashboard will notify you.

Radar bell highlighted within practice dashboard.png

You can select the bell icon to open up the Radar sidebar. This is where you’ll be able to see a history of some of the notifications you’ve received. These notifications will be tailored to you to help you support your clients.

Screenshot showing Radar sideboard in the dashboard.png

Radar notifications in your clients’ accounts

When you switch to a client’s account and select the bell icon next to their business name, you’ll see different Radar notifications that are tailored for them.

Screenshot of Radar bell within a client's account.png

As well as Radar notifications of new Insights and product updates, you’ll see alerts of new tasks needing to be completed in their Admin-To-Do list.

Screennshot of admin to do list within a client's account.png

The Radar sidebar will show a history of some of the client’s notifications.

Screenshot of Radar sidebar within a client's account.png

When you select a Radar notification on your client’s account, or select ‘View Radar page’, you’ll be taken to the Radar area and be able to see a history of all the notifications that client has received.

Screenshot of Radar area within a client's account.png

Find out more about Radar for your clients.

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