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How to transfer an existing FreeAgent account to your Practice Dashboard

This article explains how to transfer a client’s existing FreeAgent account to your dashboard as part of the onboarding process.

If you transfer a client’s account, you will gain full access to their account and become responsible for managing their subscription, if they have one.

You might want to transfer a client’s account over to your Practice Dashboard if the client is a direct FreeAgent subscriber. 

If your client is a subscriber with a subsidised FreeAgent account through NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Mettle, you'll need to follow the transfer process.  

If you have a client from another accountancy practice, or they have subscribed through a third-party subscription provider, like Apple, you’ll need to follow a slightly different process (outlined at the bottom of this article).

If you want to link a current direct subscriber to your Practice Dashboard, i.e. the client will continue to manage their own subscription and level of control, then please follow the linking process instead.

Make a note of your client’s subdomain

Before you start the transfer process, you’ll need to find out your client’s FreeAgent subdomain. Your client can follow the steps outlined in this article: How to find your FreeAgent subdomain.

1 Select 'Transfer Client'

In your Practice Dashboard, navigate to the 'My Clients' tab.


Select the 'Add Account' button, and choose 'Transfer Existing Account' from the drop-down menu.


2 Enter your client’s email address and FreeAgent subdomain

In the text box, fill in your client’s email address and their FreeAgent subdomain, then select 'Transfer Account'.

An email is then sent out to your client, informing them of the proposed transfer and asking for their confirmation to proceed. Your client needs to log in to their account to confirm the transfer.


3 Wait for confirmation

During the period where a transfer has been requested but not yet confirmed by the client, a banner detailing the number of pending transfers can be seen in either your 'My Clients' or 'All Clients' tabs.


Manage pending transfers

If you need to make changes to any pending transfers, select ‘manage your transfers here’ on the banner shown below.


You’ll then be presented with a list of all your outstanding transfer requests, where you can choose to either resend the invitation by selecting 'Resend Invite' or cancel the transfer by selecting 'Cancel Transfer'.


And that’s it!

Your client needs to log in to their account and confirm the transfer. After the client confirms the transfer request, you’ll receive email confirmation of this. The client will now appear under the 'My Clients' and 'All Clients' sections of your Practice Dashboard.

The account manager who started the transfer request will become the account manager for the client when the transfer is complete. If you’d like to change their account manager, just follow these steps.

Once your client has been successfully transferred to your practice, any remaining annual subscription will automatically be refunded. You can also view the credit note of this refund. Just head to the 'Billing' area of your client’s account.

If, after following all of these steps, your client hasn’t switched to the subsidised NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Mettle FreeAgent account, please follow these steps.


Transferring clients who are currently using FreeAgent through another accountancy practice

If your client has been using FreeAgent through another accountancy practice and wishes to transfer their FreeAgent licence to your practice, your client needs to ask their existing accountant to remove their account from the accountant’s Practice Dashboard.

Once your client has received email confirmation that their account has been removed, you can then follow the steps in this article to complete the transfer.

Transferring clients who are currently using FreeAgent through a third-party subscription provider

If your client currently subscribes to FreeAgent through a third party subscription provider, like Apple, then they’ll need to contact our support team for help at

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