An introduction to add-ons for accountants

This article explains what add-ons are available for your clients in FreeAgent and how to manage them.

FreeAgent is packed with functionality that makes life easier for you and your clients, but we realise that some businesses have particular needs and would benefit from specialised tools. So some of the new features that we introduce will be in the form of add-ons that your clients can choose to subscribe to.

Managing your clients’ add-ons

You can set up default settings for your practice that control whether your clients can enable add-ons themselves, and whether the subscriptions will be paid for by the practice or by the client. If the practice pays for an add-on, the cost will depend on the discount that the practice benefits from.

The practice’s default settings can be overridden for individual clients.

You can currently activate Smart Capture Unlimited for a client and cancel it if you need to.

Add-ons discount

Practices will benefit from a discount on the cost of the add-ons based on the number of active licences on the Practice Dashboard. The discount will increase as the number of active licences on the Practice Dashboard increases.

If you have any questions about the cost of the add-ons or the discount, please contact your Account Manager.

Available add-ons in FreeAgent

Currently, your clients can subscribe to Smart Capture Unlimited. We’ll be introducing additional add-ons over time for you and your clients to benefit from.

Smart Capture Unlimited

Smart Capture Unlimited can help you and your clients keep on top of their expense management.

When your client captures a photo of a receipt or uploads a file into their FreeAgent account, FreeAgent’s Smart Capture functionality will attempt to automatically extract the date and amount. If one exists, it will then attach the file to a ‘Money Out’ bank transaction with a matching date and value that is marked ‘For Approval’.

Alternatively, if there isn’t a matching bank transaction, the file can be converted into an out-of-pocket expense and Smart Capture will automatically extract the date and amount and suggest a cost category. This can help speed up the process of recording out-of-pocket expenses as some of the details will be auto-populated.

You and your clients can use Smart Capture to extract the date and amount from 10 files each month for free as part of their FreeAgent subscription. If Smart Capture can’t extract the data from a file, or if they delete a file from the ‘Smart Capture’ tab in the Files area, this won’t count towards their monthly allowance.

If you or your client need to extract the date and amount from more than 10 files per month, the Smart Capture Unlimited add-on will need to be activated, which will allow the data to be extracted from an unlimited number of files.

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