Activating Smart Capture Unlimited for a client

This article explains how to activate the Smart Capture Unlimited add-on for a client.

Please note:

  • Only a senior account manager, or non-senior who is either the client’s named account manager or part of the same account manager and client group, can activate Smart Capture Unlimited for a client. The practice’s default settings, or the client’s add-on settings, must be set to the practice pays. It’s not possible for an account manager to activate an add-on if it’s set as the client pays.

  • The practice’s default add-on subscription settings will determine whether the client or practice will pay for the subscription once it’s activated, unless the default settings have been overridden for the client.

  • If the client is paying for the subscription, it will cost them £5 per month plus VAT ($6 USD + VAT if they have a non-UK account type) in addition to their FreeAgent subscription and the payments will be taken monthly.

  • If the practice is paying for the subscription, the cost will depend on the practice’s discount and the practice will be billed in arrears for the add-on in the next month's invoice. The subscription for clients with non-UK account types will be charged in US dollars and converted into GBP on the practice’s invoice using the exchange rate on the date that the invoice is sent.

  • It’s only possible for the practice to pay for the add-on if the client account has been transferred to the dashboard and the practice is managing their FreeAgent subscription. If the client is managing their FreeAgent subscription and their account has been linked to the dashboard, the client will have to pay for the add-on.

Activating Smart Capture Unlimited for a client

Select ‘Add-ons’ from the drop-down menu below your practice name.


Select ‘Manage’ on the ‘Smart Capture Unlimited’ panel.


Select ‘Activate’ to the right of the relevant client.


Alternatively, you can select the client’s account from the Clients area of your dashboard and select ‘Activate’ on their client profile.


You’ll be taken to the Smart Capture Unlimited area within the client’s account. Select ‘Enable the Smart Capture Unlimited add-on’ to confirm the subscription and allow your client to benefit from unlimited Smart Captures.


If the selected client’s preferences or the practice’s default settings are set as the client pays for the add-on, you’ll need to update the settings to enable the add-on. To do this, select Update client’s settings to 'paid for by the practice if activated'.


This will update the client’s add-on settings and allow you to enable the add-on.


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