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Bank feed - FAQs

This article covers the most common questions about bank feeds.

Does my bank support Open Banking bank feeds?

To find out more, check out our article on which banks are supported.

Will enabling bank feeds alter my existing transactions?

A bank feed will import new transactions starting on the day you've enabled it. It won't change any transactions you've already imported or added manually into FreeAgent.

Be sure to check your transactions around the date you enabled the bank feed. If you see any missing transactions, you can manually add them. You can also upload a bank statement, but you may see some duplicates if the transactions on your statement occur after you enabled the bank feed.

I've enabled a bank feed but I'm missing transactions.

Depending on when you last uploaded or manually added bank transactions you may find that you have missing transactions from before you enabled the bank feed. If you see any missing transactions, you can manually add them or upload a bank statement – be careful not to add any duplicate transactions.

Why do I see duplicate transactions when I upload a statement into an account that has a bank feed?

Depending on the bank, a transaction may look quite different on your statement (which you upload) and on the bank's website. If you upload a statement that includes transactions that occurred after you enabled your bank feed, you may see the same transaction twice.

You can resolve this by either:

Why haven't any transactions been imported today?

You may have had transactions that were still pending in your online banking account at the time of the last bank feed import attempt. These should appear in FreeAgent the next time your bank feed imports new transactions.


Why has my bank feed stopped working?

For third-party provider bank feeds - have you changed your online banking password?

If you have changed your online banking password recently - you’ll need to disable then re-enable your bank feed.

To do this, navigate to your bank account page in FreeAgent, select the 'More' menu then 'Disable Bank Feed'. You should see the 'Enable Bank Feed' button appear. Select this and follow the workflow to enable your bank feed again.

Open Banking bank feeds

If your bank feed was set up through Open Banking and your 90-day consent has expired, your bank feed will stop working. To make sure that your Open Banking bank feed is kept active, you’ll need to reconnect and re-consent with your bank every 90 days, as part of the Open Banking standard.

Barclays Data Services

As of the 14th October 2019, Barclays BDS bank feeds will be switched off, and will be replaced by Open Banking bank feeds. Check out our 'How to switch from a Barclays BDS bank feed to an Open Banking bank feed' for more information.

Third-party provider bank feeds

If your existing bank feed is through our third-party provider Yodlee, then as of the 14th of September 2019, you’ll most likely have to switch your bank feed to Open Banking. You can check out the status of your bank in this article.

Why isn't my bank feed updating automatically?

If you’re set up through our third-party provider bank feed and using a Multi-Factor Authentication device, when the bank asks a question that third-party provider feed hasn’t answered before, then you‘ll need to hit the ‘Import’ button again and answer the security question.

Please note if your account needs a numeric security token for access, the code changes every 60 seconds, so the third-party provider feed would never be able to correctly answer automatically.

Why does the bank feed panel say there's a problem?

You’ll see this message if there is a technical problem getting transactions from your bank and we know that there is a problem and will be working to resolve it.

Don't worry; none of your transactions will be lost. Once the bank feed is working again, all of your delayed transactions will be imported.


If your bank feed is not working and you need to get your transactions into FreeAgent, you can upload a statement.

If you upload a statement that contains transactions that your bank feed already imported, you may see duplicate transactions. It's always a good idea to carefully inspect your FreeAgent bank account after uploading a statement and delete any duplicates.

Once your bank feed is working again, it will not import transactions for any days that are covered by your statement upload.

Can I disable my bank feed?

Of course! You can follow the steps outlined in this article and repeat the process for each bank feed you want disabled.

If you’re just looking to switch your bank feed to a new Open Banking bank feed, then check out these articles:

What if I have concerns about security?

FreeAgent doesn’t store your bank login details, these are stored securely through our third-party provider Yodlee. You can read more about our third-party provider in this article.


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